Rates & Policies

Tuition may be divided into 4 payments throughout the dance season. Our term dates are as follows: August 22nd, October 1st, January 1st and April 1st. These payments must be made by cheque only and submitted at time of registration. If submitting payment in full for the season, we accept cheque, cash (or e-transfer), Visa or MasterCard (additional 5% fee applies for credit cards).


1 class………..4 payments of $80 plus HST

2 classes……..4 payments of $152 plus HST

3 classes……..4 payments of $228 plus HST

4 classes……..4 payments of $304 plus HST

5 classes……..4 payments of $380 plus HST

6 classes……..4 payments of $442 plus HST

7 classes……..4 payments of $515 plus HST

8 classes……..4 payments of $589 plus HST

9 classes……..4 payments of $662 plus HST

10 classes……4 payments of $736 plus HST



4 payments of $95 plus HST



4 payments of $95 plus HST



Trial classes are $15 plus HST per class or a 4 week trial for $50 plus HST (this fee will be applied to tuition if registering for full season)


  • Multiple class and family discount has been applied for all classes (other than Semi-Private and Solo/Duet)
  • After registering in 10 classes, all other classes are FREE (other than Semi-Private and Solo/Duet)
  • NO registration fee *unless returning students register after August 22*


Each student will purchase a costume per class for our recitals (other than Stretch & Strengthen, Pointe and Exams). Fees are as follows:
Creative Movement………………………$75 plus HST

Beginner & Preliminary (Level 1)……..$80 plus HST

Primary & Grade 1 (Level 2)……………$85 plus HST

Grade 2 & above (Level 3)……………..$90 plus HST
50% of total fee will be added to the Term 1 payment, with the balance on the Term 4 payment.




      • HST of 13% is applicable on all fees posted
      • Four cheques are due upon registration dated August 22nd, October 1st, January 1st and April 1st OR payment in full for entire season paid by cheque, cash (or e-transfer), Visa or MasterCard
      • A 5% administrative charge applies to all payments made by Visa or MasterCard
      • Registration will be completed only with submission of all 4 term payments
      • The costume deposit will be 50% of the total fee (see above) and due at registration, with the Term 1 payment. The 50% balance will be added to the Term 4 payment.
      • Each family is required to purchase a recital ticket package for our annual recitals which consists of 4 tickets (2 per show) for $55 plus HST.  This fee will be added to the Term 4 payment.   
      • Returning students will be subject to a $40 late fee plus HST for registrations made after August 22nd
      • All payments made after registration must be completed during regular Saturday office hours only (9:30-3pm)
      • NSF fee of $35 will apply per cheque – a replacement certified cheque or cash will only be accepted.
      • Students may not participate in classes unless a full registration has been completed or a trial class is purchased.
      • Cancelled registrations are non-refundable but any undeposited term payments will be returned.
      • If enrolled in our exam classes, fees for the examination day and classes that extend beyond our regular season will be due May 4th, 2019.  The remaining balance will be provided by us once the examination date has been confirmed by the examiner.
      • No refund for missed classes. In the event we cancel a class, we will make every effort to make it up *with the exception of situations beyond our control (ie: inclement weather)*
      • Please keep all receipts or a $5 charge will apply per year requested
      • Trial classes are offered until October 27th — after this time, students must register for the remainder of the season (Terms 2-4) .




      • Students are signed up for our 32-week program and are expected to participate in our annual recitals on May 10th and 11th 2019. Those who are not going to participate in the recitals, must give us notice by December 1st.
      • Both recitals will be the same show, so all students are required to attend both days
      • A non-refundable costume deposit will be added to the Term 1 payment
      • Costume balances will be added to the Term 4 payment
      • Recital ticket package will be added to the Term 4 payment




    • Required attire is mandatory in ALL classes – please refer to our Dress Code page for exact descriptions. 
    • To prevent distractions, parents and siblings are asked to wait in our waiting room downstairs and are not permitted to be in the classroom or hallways (Saturdays only) while classes are being conducted.
    • Student placement is determined by the staff ONLY and cannot be requested by parents and/or students.  The owners and instructors place students by ability, experience and age.  
    • All students are expected to attend all scheduled classes unless they are ill.  We recommend that students attend their class to watch if unable to participate where possible.  Failure to attend all classes will not only affect their ability to keep up but will negatively affect the learning of other students in their class.  We keep record of attendance in each class for this reason and monitor this for future placement.
    • A minimum of 4 students is required in all of our standard group classes. If we do not receive sufficient registration, class levels will be combined into one class.
    • Registration will be closed after October 27th
    • Mutual respect, between students and instructors, as well as between the students and each other, is a must. Courtesy and good manners are expected and will be enforced. At no time will bullying, rudeness or gossiping be tolerated.
    • Parents, please remind yourself that our studios are full of children, who look to us as role models, so as adults, we need to conduct ourselves in a respectful manner recognizing that youthful eyes are watching and wanting a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Please do not make disrespectful remarks about our staff, other dancers, other parents, or other studios while on our premises, at other related events or on social media. As we strive to uphold our promise to provide the very best for your child, we hope you will do the same by standing behind our program, and encouraging our children as they enjoy the art of dance.