A structured program of floor gymnastics combined with dance steps and set to music. Enrollment in Ballet and Jazz is required to enhance Acro movements, maintain strength & musicality and follow choreography. Level 1 is for students in dance grades Beginner & Preliminary, level 2 is for Primary & Grade 1 (Acro experience necessary) and level 3 is for Grade 2 and above who can also independently perform all of the following tricks; front walkover switch, back walkover switch, chest balance hold, elbow or shoulder balance, aerial/back handspring/Arabian limber.

Adult Tap

This class offers both beginner adults and dancers with previous experience to learn a Tap routine in this 45 minute class. The emphasis is fun, while challenging your mind & body!


The foundation for all other forms of dance! This class helps develop poise, posture, strength, balance and grace. Students develop musicality and rhythm. Improves technique in all other forms of dance. This class is also mandatory for all students in Jazz and Tap from Preliminary to Grade 2 and for all Acro classes.

Beginner Ballet

Students must have at least 2 years of Creative Movement or be six years of age or older. This class builds on Ballet technique and terminology learned in Creative Movement, as students continue to develop their Ballet knowledge and style in a fun, age appropriate way.

Beginner Tap & Jazz

Students must have at least 2 years of Creative Movement or be six years of age or older. In this 45 minute combo class, students will begin to develop the technique, musicality and rhythms used in Tap and Jazz styles. Students will learn short routines in both Tap and Jazz.

Creative Movement

Recommended for students starting at the age of three. This 30 minute class introduces students to dance in a fun, creative way that is appropriate for their age and experience. The main focus is in Ballet technique, as students begin to learn basic Ballet terminology and technique to improve musicality and rhythm.


Exam classes are available for students starting at the Primary level. Classes are taught with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.) technique. Students learn a set syllabus (exercises and routines) that improve technique, flexibility, musicality, rhthym, style and performance. When the students have successfully mastered the syllabus, they are examined and graded by an examiner from the C.D.T.A. In order to fully prepare students for the exam, lessons extend beyond the recital dates on a 2 class per week basis until late May or June. Exam dates are scheduled based on student readiness and examiner availability. These classes are scheduled based on student interest and availability.


Available to students ages six and up but we highly recommend enrolling in Jazz. This class is similar to Jazz, but with fast-paced intricate movements which incorporate isolation moves, set to age appropriate hip-hop music. Level 1 is for dance grades Beginner & Preliminary, level 2 is for Primary to Grade 2, and level 3 is for Grade 3 and above.


Students continue to develop technique, musicality, and rhythm to upbeat and popular music. It is recommended that students have completed two years of Beginner Tap & Jazz. Enrollment in Ballet is required for students in dance grades Preliminary to Grade 2.


A combination of Jazz and Ballet techniques. Dancers execute their feelings and emotions through a piece of music. Level 1 is for students in dance grades Preliminary, level 2 is for Primary & Grade 1 and Lyrical 3 is for Grade 2 & above. All students must be enrolled in Ballet on Saturday to attend this class.

Musical Theatre

Available to students from six years of age. This class combines lip syncing, dancing and acting in a fun and theatrical routine. Enrollment in Jazz is required in order to continue and improve technical work. Level 1 is for students in dance grades Beginner & Preliminary, level 2 is for Primary & Grade 1 and level 3 is for Grade 2 & above.

Pointe 1

Available to students who have consistently demonstrated and achieved the necessary Ballet technique, strength, and ability required to be successful on pointe. This class is only open to students who have completed at least one year of Grade 1 Ballet and for physical development reasons, we recommend they are at least 12 years old. These students are selected by our trained staff and they must be enrolled in their regular Ballet class.

Pointe 2

This class is for students who have developed strong enough technique to advance from Pointe 1, based on the teachers discretion.  Students must still be enrolled in their regular Ballet class on Saturday.


These are small group classes offered to students who have been selected by the instructors based on their consistent enthusiasm, talent and dedication to dance. Students learn a Tap and a Jazz routine in this one hour class. A commitment to attendance and full participation is required and they must be enrolled in Saturday Jazz, Tap and Ballet, as well as Stretch & Strengthen or Exam classes. Acceptance to this class will be based on the previous years’ dedication and performance.


These private classes are offered to semi-private students only, who have completed at least 1 year in that class.  It is required that students are enrolled in our regular Saturday program consisting of Tap, Jazz and Ballet, as well as Stretch & Strengthen or Exam classes to improve strength, flexibility and technique.  Classes are offered in Terms 3 & 4.

Stretch & Strengthen 1

This class offers a combination of exercises taught to music, designed to improve flexibility, muscular endurance, dance technique and core strength. Students must be at least 6 years of age up to dance Grade 3 and attend with a yoga mat.

Stretch & Strengthen 2

A great way for any adult or student in dance grade 4 and up, to gain strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance in this 45 minute class! The focus is on general fitness and improving flexibility. Please bring a yoga mat!


An interpretation of music through sound that promotes rhythm and timing awareness. It is recommended that students be aged eight and up, and, where appropriate, have completed Beginner Tap & Jazz for two years. Students also must be enrolled in Ballet from dance grades Preliminary to Grade 2.







Staff will determine placement for a new student based on experience, ability and age. Current students will remain in the same class, unless notified by their instructor and/or progress report from previous dance season. Class levels will change every 2 years to coincide with our exam program, however, class difficulty increases each year to ensure each level is appropriately challenged. Our staff will continually assess the students on an individual basis to ensure they are placed in the level that is most appropriate for them.




All classes will take part in our annual recitals except Stretch & Strengthen and Exams.